05 May 2011

James Trotter "Puddin' Head"

I paid a visit to the Art Chicago/ Next Art Fair 2011exhibition. Waded through miles of mediocre & un-inspirational art. Many of the booths were manned by guys in navy blue suits & loafers who looked like they worked weekends at their local Hummer dealership [or at least, controlled shares in a Hummer dealership]. Eavesdropped on a number of conversations the circled around "I'm working with this client", second homes & over-indulgent steak dinners.
There were few saving graces, that is until I stumbled across the ADA Gallery space, which hosted the works of James Trotter. John Pollard [ADA co-director] was unhand. Unlike the 'blue-suits', he was extremely engaging and 'hand on my heart' bares an uncanny resemblance to Dayton Ohio rock legend Bob Pollard of Guided by Voices.


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