31 December 2010

Angel'in Heavy Syrup

Lately I've been thinking a lot about Japanese psych-rock goddesses Angel'in Heavy Syrup. I first crossed paths with them nearly 20 years ago, back in Honolulu, Hawaii. Shit. It seems like just yesterday but, 20 years is nearly a lifetime...and that's twice as old as Justin Beiber.
My friends Guy (Funk Pistol) and Stacey (Fine) brought them to Honolulu to play some shows at their very 'underground' and very 'after hours' nightclub 'My Favorite Eggplant'. The ladies spoke little-to-no English and my Japanese is juvenile, at best. That didn't stop us from having way too much fun.

R.I.P. Kodachrome

Thursday marked the end of an era, as the very last lab to develop your Kodachrome film shut it all down, selling the last of their processing machines for scrap metal.

Get the full story HERE

Vampyros Lesbos

Jesus Franco's Vampyros Lesbos is the purest example of the 70's B-Movie/ Horror genre. The jazzy-psychedelic soundtrack is the cherry on this lesbian-camp, cult classic. Tune in, turn on, drop out. Watch the flick. Listen to the soundtrack.

Chris Silas Neal

Chris Silas Neal's work is a nice little retreat from the overworked and super polished digital world. He's a Brooklyn based artist & instructor at the Pratt Institute, whose illustrations and hand-drawn type are reminiscent of styles and aesthetics of early last century. It is seriously refreshing to see that there are still artists who take the time to lay it out by hand, who don't settle on programs & nanobots to write their art for them...'cause brother, this fella likes it old school!

See more of C.S. Neal's work HERE

26 December 2010

Sarah Frost

Currently living and working in St Louis, Missouri, Sarah Frost has taken keys from discarded computer keyboards, turning them into something far grander than they could have ever imagined they'd ever be in their lifetime.

The Origins of Street Art by Jorge Martin

Hyperallergic posted a really good bit of editorial on the origins of street art, as written by Jorge Martin.

Grab Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE


25 December 2010

Julia Pott

Julia Pott is a freelance illustrator & animation director from the other side of the pond, London, England, to be more precise. Her illustrations are romantic and humorous, and like she says "aces".
After you've checked out Julia's animation below, you should mosey on over to her other sites.

Check Julia's Etsy HERE
Then check out her Blog HERE
...and then, check out her Flickr HERE

"My First Crush"  Using interviews with people about their first encounters with love, their animal counterparts tells their stories of humor and heartache. This was my graduation film at Kingston University. Animated By Julia Pott, Music, Sound Design by Christopher Frost.

Detail from Julia's "Here With Me" print.

Rob Mack aka Philistine WorkShop

Illustrator extraordinaire, Rob Mack aka Philistine Workshop has created a brand spankin' new print for Artcrank (an international poster party for bike people), titled Bike Wolf. I am totally diggin' on Rob Mack's aesthetic, which he produces in a variety of mediums, that hearken printwork of yesteryear.

More from Philistine Workshop HERE
Philistine Workshop's Flickr HERE

16 December 2010

SWOON x Upper Playground Print Release

New York based street artist, SWOON, has teamed up with Upper Playground, to release her newest print, titled Walki.

The 3-color screenprint is printed on handmade Indian jute paper measuring 13" x 21" and is limited to an edition of 300. Available until either sold out or January 1st, which ever comes first (my bet's on 'sold out'). The asking price for the Walki print is only $125...when was the last time a SWOON print was this affordable?

Hit the Upper Playground link and get yours (and more info about the project) HERE