30 July 2011

Aesthetic Apparatus 'Operation Hoard & Scatter'

From Rotofugi's exhibit, featuring works from Aesthetic Apparatus & Little Friends of Print Making.
Above: 'Operation Hoard & Scatter'.
Monoprint with Collage [16.5"x21"]
Aesthetic Apparatus
The Little Friends of Printmaking

Aesthetic Apparatus 'Operation Hoard & Scatter' by billy craven

29 July 2011

'A Fistful of Dollars' Theatrical Trailer [1964]

Watch this trailer...Listen to that Alex Ebert & RZA track I recently uploaded...hmmm, fun!

Laurel Halo 'Aquifer'

Laurel Halo 'Aquifier'...So far, I'm not in love with her but, I am in like with her music]. Clearly, she's a fan of and has been inspired by the likes of Aphex Twin & all that is Warp Records. Hit her Myspace page. Download the free track from RCRD LBL...call it a day.

Alex Ebert featuring RZA 'Truth'

Alex Ebert feat RZA 'Truth'. Mad sexy-sexy. Pays some serious homage to all of those bitchin' spaghetti westerns-starring Clint Eastwood-circa 1971, with their mesmerising Serge Gainsbourg and/or Ennio Morricone soundtracks. Hell, let's have some fun...YouTube 'A Fistfull Of Dollars'. Kill the volume. Press 'play' on Alex's track...and kick up the volume. The cockles in my heart, they are warmed!

EVOL: Dockville Music Festival Installation

Untitled by evoldaily
Untitled, a photo by evoldaily on Flickr.

Berlin-based visual artist, EVOL unleashes his newest site specific installation. Hit his Flickr, visit his site to check out more of his awesome awesomeness at the Dockville Music Festival.

27 July 2011

Steel Canvas

Steel Canvas is a Canadian-based artist that warrants further investigating! The more I see from him, the more I'm awe struck by his mad charcoal skills.
View his Flickr: HERE
Untitled by steel_canvas1

Sonnenzimmer at the MCA

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago presents Sonnenzimmer: Commercial Improvisation [July 26–31]
Exhibition poster launch & closing event [July 31, 2–4 pm]
Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi of Sonnenzimmer are moving their Cincinnati-brand one-arm screen printing press into the gallery for the week. Operating as a satellite office and print shop, they will be designing and producing a screen-printed We Are Here exhibition poster. With a large selection of their posters and prints also on display, the space will act as both a survey of their past work and a window into their process and printing method. The poster will be launched on July 31 and available from the MCA Store.

220 E Chicago Ave

Jon Burgerman-Chicago

Jon Burgerman-Chicago by billy craven
Jon Burgerman-Chicago, a photo by billy craven on Flickr.

Mike Murder

A bottle from one of my fave art bruts...Mike Murder of Utah!

Vigilante Vigilante (2011) Official Trailer HD

"How to Sell a Banksy" Official Movie Trailer

Denis Carrier of Studiofolk

[stolen from Denis' website] "...Denis Carrier, looks like his work : not so big, not very muscular, but really funny and simple. A central idea, clearly introduced, often humourous, always effective. No twirl or flourish, his illustrations are hand made or use vector techniques : and that works! Somewhere between naivety and a strange world, you're of course welcome!"

More info: Studiofolk

24 July 2011

Arkcanary Analog Speaker System

I just ordered this bitchin' analog/ acoustic speaker from ARK. The Arkcanary II uses NO batteries...NO outside power source...None!
It essentially is a megaphone that cradles the speaker of your iPhone 4. This basic design feature amplifies your audio and looks cool as all hell!
Arkcanary II is available in [7] colors.

Objectified by Gary Hustwit

Recommended Viewing: "Objectified is a feature-length documentary about our complex relationship with manufactured objects and, by extension, the people who design them. In his second film, director Gary Hustwit (Helvetica) documents the creative processes of some of the world's most influential product designers, and looks at the creativity at work behind everything from toothbrushes to tech gadgets. What can we learn about who we are, and who we want to be, from the objects with which we surround ourselves?"

23 July 2011

SKEWVILLE 'Not My Type' [Chicago]

SKEWVILLE in Chicago by billy craven
SKEWVILLE in Chicago, a photo by billy craven on Flickr.

Pawn Works Chicago presents SKEWVILLE 'Not My Type'.
July 30th [SKEWVILLE will be in attendance].
SKEWVILLE not only thinks outside the box, he fukking builds the box! 

22 July 2011

Penguin Prison 'Animal, Animal/ A Funny Thing'

Album art from Penguin Prison's 'Animal, Animal/ A Funny Thing'

Passion Pit 'Sleepyhead/ Better things'

Album Art from Passion Pitt's 'Sleepyhead/ Better Things'

Beastie Boys featuring Santigold [Major Lazer rmx]

Chew on Major Lazer's [Diplo stablemate] remix of the Beastie Boys' "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win [featuring Santigold]...Brooklyn's in the house!

Big Troubles 'Misery'

This Ridgewood, NJ fuzz-pop band makes me nostalgic for the early 90's and all that Manchester, England offered a poor old sod like me. Their album [Romantic Comedy] is set to hit the streets Sept 27th. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the closet, to dust off my paisley shirts...

09 July 2011

The Teddybears 'Weed In A Rizzle [featuring Trimbal]

Recall The Teddybears? They did a pretty bangin' collab with Iggy Pop 'Runkrocker' something like 4 or 5 years back...which I strongly recommend downloading! Their current track 'Weed In A Rizzle' is more of a techno throwback...but, what ain't a throwback these days? Besides, we all know that at the end of the day, when you're all done being 'edgy' you like to select your 'techno' playlist and dance naked around the house anyways, right? Right.


07 July 2011

Jon Burgerman-Chicago

Jon Burgerman-Chicago by billy craven
Jon Burgerman-Chicago, a photo by billy craven on Flickr.

Live and direct, from the United Kingdom, Pawn Works Gallery presents another Mural Project...this one featuring the monochromatic madness of Jon Burgerman!




02 July 2011

Seasick Steve 'Save Me'

Blues legend, Seasick Steve slaying it on his homemade 1-string slide guitar.

01 July 2011