31 May 2011

KIDULT vs High-End Luxury Brands

French graffiti artist KIDULT has on a tirade against the high-end luxury brands...in a big way!

KIDULT ITW (uncensored) "ILLEGALIZE GRAFFITI" from eric on Vimeo.

28 May 2011

Lipton Brisk x Morning Breath

Lipton Brisk x Morning Breath by billy craven
Lipton Brisk x Morning Breath, a photo by billy craven on Flickr.
Lipton Brisk recently released a series of bottles that were graphically enhanced by underground artists from around the globe.
My favorites are definitely the Triston Eaton and Brooklyn's Bionic Duo 'Morning Breath' [above].
More info about Lipton's 'Mind Blowing Artists' collab: www.drinkbrisk.com

Joshua Alderson x Bearhead Art

Joshua Alderson by billy craven
Joshua Alderson, a photo by billy craven on Flickr.
Found some great stencils by Joshua Alderson of Bearhead Art [Indiana]

25 May 2011

24 May 2011


GOONS by billy craven
GOONS, a photo by billy craven on Flickr.

Snap! GOONS just updated his online store and looky, looky at what I see...a bangin' GOONS poster...and you don't have to try to peel this off of a wall to take home.

Holler at the GOONS shop: www.goons.bigcartel.com/

22 May 2011

TELEPATH "You'd Be Wrong"

TELEPATH 'You'd Be Wrong' by billy craven
TELEPATH 'You'd Be Wrong', a photo by billy craven on Flickr.
Just received a surprise in the mail from TELEPATH UK

Title: "You'd Be Wrong"
5"x7" mixed media on cardboard
More info: telepathlondon.bigcartel.com and Flickr

20 May 2011

Moniker: A Portfolio By Bill Daniel

The following info & images was 'borrowed' from Bill's website...and although outta my budget, it is still mighty awesome!

*Moniker: A Portfolio by Bill Daniel
-5 silver gelatin prints, 11×14,
-in an edition of 20

EDITION INFO: This is a set of five prints representing the five main rail artists interviewed in my film, “Who is Bozo Texino?” The images include drawings by Herby, The Rambler, Bozo Texino, Coaltrain, and a portrait of Colossus of Roads.

Hand-printed in full-bleed on fiber-based b/w photo paper, they are archivally processed (boxcars fade but the photos don’t), signed and numbered, and come in a silk screened envelope.

Visit Bill Daniel's website: http://www.billdaniel.net

'Who Is Bozo Texino' by Bill Daniel

"Who is Bozo Texino? is the picaresque chronicle of a 16-year search for the source of a ubiquitous rail graffiti—a simple sketch of a blank-staring character with an infinity-shaped hat and the scrawled moniker, “Bozo Texino”—a drawing seen on railcars for over 80 years. Daniel rode freight trains across the West carrying a Super-8 sound camera and a 16mm Bolex, interviewing tramps and brakemen and in his quest discovered the roots of a folkloric tradition that has gone mostly unnoticed for a century..."

More from Bill Daniel's website: www.billdaniel.net/

14 May 2011


[part2] Some images from a studio visit with Chicago's very own, Hebru Brantley.

Music by: AFX 'Arched Maid Via RDJ'


Some images from a studio visiti with Chicago's very own, Hebru Brantley.

Music by: MF DOOM 'Vomit' [3:33 Rmx]

Tour De France Mural

Tour De France a video by billy craven on Flickr.

A mural that I did for the 14th Annual Chicago Bike Winter Art Show [Mar11-25, 2011] that I never got around to uploading.

I painted the entire mural with [1] household paint roller...no brushes or spray paint. Yes, The image is from the classic by Kraftwerk 'Tour De France'.

Music by: No Joy 'Indigo Child' [Stereolab Rmx]

12 May 2011

Austra - Lose It

"The vibrato in the voice of Austra’s Katie Stelmanis’ is like an instrument unto itself. The way this Toronto band combines electronic pop and operatic singing is surprisingly dark, the two components melting together in strange combination (sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between the choral singing and a synthesizer). “Lose It,” from their debut Feel It Break, out May 17 on Domino, is the culmination of their considerable talents..."

05 May 2011

SNACKI 'The Moon Is Made Of Cheese'

Dang! The dudes over at Parking Block Publishing have another bangin' zine! This one from Chicago's own, SNACKI, one of the more notorious graffiti writers of Inland America.
'The Moon Is Made Of Cheese' is a 20-page, full color zine printed on some heavy weight paper, too.
*a very important fact brought to you by SNACKI himself, "chimneys were once cleaned by dropping live chickens down them."


Brad Wescott 'Over & Out'

Brad Wescott 'Over & Out' by billy craven
Brad Wescott 'Over & Out', a photo by billy craven on Flickr.
Parking Block Publishing [of Chicago] has a really high quality & much recommended zine which features the work of Brad Wescott, titled 'Over & Out'. Over & Out is 40-pages of full color photos on heavy-stock paper and features skateboarding, benching, monikers, rail graffiti and an awesome interview with STACKABONES.
Over & Out will cost you $5...don't be a bitch and cough up the cash.
Brad's Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/breadphotos/
Parking Block: http://www.parkingblockpublishing.com/publications/

James Trotter "Puddin' Head"

I paid a visit to the Art Chicago/ Next Art Fair 2011exhibition. Waded through miles of mediocre & un-inspirational art. Many of the booths were manned by guys in navy blue suits & loafers who looked like they worked weekends at their local Hummer dealership [or at least, controlled shares in a Hummer dealership]. Eavesdropped on a number of conversations the circled around "I'm working with this client", second homes & over-indulgent steak dinners.
There were few saving graces, that is until I stumbled across the ADA Gallery space, which hosted the works of James Trotter. John Pollard [ADA co-director] was unhand. Unlike the 'blue-suits', he was extremely engaging and 'hand on my heart' bares an uncanny resemblance to Dayton Ohio rock legend Bob Pollard of Guided by Voices.


02 May 2011

SPECTOR at Pawn Works Gallery

Pawn Works has just confirmed their next show...SPECTOR

View SPECTORs "Repeat Offender" at Pawn Works Gallery
Sat May 19th [6-9pm]
1050 N Damen Ave

More info: HERE