30 September 2011

31 Days Of Halloween

T-Minus 1 day and counting.
Tonights feature: Tones on Tail 'Go!'


New Image Art Gallery Presents:
NECK FACE & FUCK THIS LIFE: 2 Of Amerikas Most Wanted

Sept 18-Oct 14
New Image Art Gallery
7908 Santa Monica Blvd
W. Hollywood, CA

Additional Show Images [HERE]

Moby & Public Enemy 'Make Love, Fuck War'

29 September 2011

31 Days Of Halloween

1 day and counting...31 Days Of Halloween...gettin' the jump on my month long series, rightfully titled '31 days Of Halloween'. Tonights dose is from Ministry 'Everyday is Halloween'

Sparklehorse featuring Thom Yorke 'Wish You Were Here'

Sparklehorse [R.I.P. Mark Linkous] featuring Thom Yorke. Cover Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here'

Sparklehorse featuring Thom Yorke 'Wish You Were Here'

Sparklehorse [R.I.P. Mark Linkous] featuring Thom Yorke. Cover Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here'

Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse featuring Iggy Pop 'Pain'

Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse [R.I.P. Mark Linkous] featuring Iggy

Acid Angels 'Speed, Speed, Ecstacy'

It's been a lonnng time since I've heard this Acid House tune....love it!

Thurston Moore 'Demolished Thoughts'

Thurston Moore 'Demolished Thoughts' Tour 2011. Screen printed poster by Bright Spot x Doug Groupp.

Doug Groupp

28 September 2011

31 Days Of Halloween

Okay. It's almost October and I thought it'd be fun to get a jump on my month long series I call '31 Days Of Halloween'. We kick this shindig off with Wes Craven's 'The Serpent And The Rainbow' [1988]

N.A.S.A. 'Spacious Thoughts' feat Tom Waits + Kool Keith

The Beets 'Doing As I Do'

A great pop-garage-rock throw-back to the protest songs of the 60's...especially 'Eve Of Destruction' by Barry McGuire.

Suspiria [Trailer 1977]

Jacques Dutronc 'J'ai Mis Un Tigre Dans Ma Guitare'

Mohammed Rafi 'Jaan Pehechaan Ho'

27 September 2011

Blink 182 x Mike Giant

Wheat pasted advert for Blink 182's album 'Neighborhoods'. Artwork by Mike Giant.

Record Art: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Record Art: Ladytron

Album art that rocks...

KAWS 'Hold The Line'

KAWS 'Hold The Line'
[Sept 10-Oct 22, 2011]

Presented by Honor Fraser Gallery
2622 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA


[image shown below] 'Companions [Original Fake]'
[R] 2010 96" tall. Edition of 3 + 1 AP
[L] 2011 96" tall. Edition of 3 + 2 AP

KAWS 'Hold The Line' by billy craven
KAWS 'Hold The Line', a photo by billy craven on Flickr.

Gauntlet Hair 'Keep Time'

24 September 2011

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery Of The Toynbee Tiles

The artist responsible for the Toyenbee Tiles is unknown...and probably a few cents short of a buck...judging by the rantings I've personally seen on scores of tiles glued to streets across the US. To a small group of people, it was far more a mystery, enough so that a documentary film was created and ran all the way to the Sundance Film Festival. Now, I am intrigued enough to send a 'friend request' to the crew at Resurrect Dead and drop this indie flick into my Netflix queue!

Resurrect Dead [facebook]
Resurrect Dead [trailer]

REVOK [the writer] vs. Fab5Freddy [the biter]

Oh, snap! REVOK rips Fab5Freddy's ass wide open! Read REVOK's strong case against F5F and F5F's megalithic boost.

REVOK's case [HERE]
Fab's website [HERE]

The Return of Chris 'Freedom' Pape

The New York Times recently took a stroll down memory lane aka The Freedom Tunnel [a derelict train tunnel under Riverside Park, NY] with graffiti writer Chris 'Freedom' Pape. Mustafah Abdulzaiz captured some excellent examples of Freedom's work, some of which date to the 80's.

NY Times Article


[Stolen Photo: Mustafah Abdulaziz/ The NY Times]

The Plasmatics 'The Damned' [1983]

Lana del Rey 'Video Games'


Joy Division 'She's Lost Control'

18 September 2011

Lee Marvin 'Wandering Star'

Lee Marvin as seen in the 1969 feel-good Western flick 'Paint Your Wagon', performs 'Wanderin Star'.

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man 'Tom The Model'

Beth Gibbons [Portishead] & Rustin Man [Talk Talk] teamed up back in 2003. Great collab. Less 'beaty' than Portishead. If it isn't already, add 'Tom The Model' to your playlist.

17 September 2011

Mike Perry x Levi's Workshop

Mike Perry [Brooklyn based Illustrator] remains at the very top of my list of all-time favorite illustrators.

Mike Perry

Mike Perry for Levis from Michael Perry on Vimeo.

16 September 2011

Dead Kennedys [The Early Years Live]

Rare live video footage of America's seminal punk band. DK captured during several of the gigs [1978-81]

Sigur Ros 'Festival'

Sigur Ros 'Festival' from their 1st live album titled 'Inni'. Pre-sales are being taken now for their Nov 7th release.

Sigur Ros

Sigur Rós: Festival from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.

The Leaves 'Hey Joe'

'Hey Joe' as performed by The Leaves, which was later covered by Jimi Hendrix.

? And The Mysterians [Chicago]

? And The Mysterians perform at Bash on Wabash [Wabash nr Roosevelt] in Chicago's South Loop. Sunday, Sept 18th.

The Toy Dolls 'Dig That Groove Baby'

Princess Time With Neckface

Neckface gets harshed out during an interview by a couple of lil' girls!

PRINCESS TIME- With NeckFace from Six Stair on Vimeo.

15 September 2011


Sept 11th-Oct 11
Kent Avenue [btn N. 4th & N. 5th Sts]
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of 9.11

Jonathan Levine Gallery

Johnny True Torch Custom Made BMX Cruiser

Santa Ana based Johnny True Torch builds some serious old school BMX cruisers.

Johnny True Torch


PBS 'Off Book Series presents TYPOGRAPHY

The Sisters Of Mercy 'Some Kind Of Stranger'

The Year Of Punk [1977]

London Weekend interviews Siouxsie [1977]. From the documentary film 'The Year Of Punk'.

12 September 2011

Gorillaz x MF DOOM 'November Has Come'

Major Lazer x Thom Yorke 'Jump Up'

Major Lazer's 'Jump Up' get a Thom Yorke [radiohead] tweak.

MF DOOM x Thom Yorke 'Gazzillion Ear'

MF DOOM x Thom Yorke [Radiohead] collab'd on 'Gazzillion Ear' back in 2009...word on the streets is that they've been back in the lab and might even release a whole album....Nice! Nice!

Another State Of Mind

This documentary [1982] follows Social Distortion, Youth Brigade & a busted-up yellow school bus on their tour of 30+ cities in 35 days...or their attempt to. Near the ass-end of their tour they crash at Minor Threat's Dischord House, before calling it quits and heading home.

11 September 2011

Bomb The Bass 'Megablast'

Dang son...it's crazy to think that I bought this single near 'bout 25 years ago. Bomb The Bass is still my all-time favorite turntablist. When Tim [Bomb The Bass] released this single/ album, he was something like 15 years old.

James Gallagher 'Frantic Fits'

The crew at Pawn Works bring what promises to be another fan-fukking-tastic show, featuring the collage work of Brooklyn based artist, James Gallagher.

"James Gallagher uses collage to investigate human form and personal identity. Piecing together images cut from discarded books, forgotten issues of National Geographic, and the occasional vintage sex-manual, Gallagher creates stark and provocative scenes that reflect the world around him. ..."

James Gallagher 'Frantic Fits'
Opens Oct 7th

James Gallagher [blog]
James Gallagher [website]

Pawn Works
1050 N Damen ave

Stussy - James Gallagher from Stussy on Vimeo.

09 September 2011

COPE2 'Last Legend' at BoB Gallery [NYC]

BoB Bar & Gallery presents COPE2  'Last Legend'. The solo show featuring paintings by COPE2 runs thru Sept 30th.

BoB Bar & Gallery
235 Eldridge St [NYCs Lower East Side]


Cope2 "Last Legend" Solo Show at Bob's Gallery from Cope2 on Vimeo.

Morrissey Performs at Congress Theater

Tickets go on sale in 60-minutes for Morrissey...he will be performing at the congress Theater [Thurs, Nov 10th]

Congress Theater
2135 N. Milwaukee Ave

Jane's Addiction Perform at Metro Chicago [Sept 24 & 25]

Jane's Addiction return to the Metro [Chicago] for a monumental 2 days. They will be performing their classics and launching their long awaited album, The Great Escape Artist. Sales are inline only & go on sale Sat 09.10 at 12noon.

Jane's Addiction 'The Great Escape Artist'
Sat Sept 24th & Sun Sept 25th
Metro/ Smartbar
3730 N. Clark St


08 September 2011

High Class Living...In A Trash Dumpster

Mobile living taken to a whole other level. This 1-room home was created by Greg Kloehn, a Berkley-based artist. Built from an existing trash dumpster and updated with all the modern trappings needed to make your stay, a joyous one.

Cody Hudson x Geodesic Domestic

A video collab designed by Cody Hudson x Sixpack [2009]

Cody Hudson aka Struggle Inc

GEODESIC DOMESTIC from cody hudson on Vimeo.

Hotbox [A Mobile Galleria]

It's that time of year, again. The ass-end of Summer means that Hotbox [A Mobile Galleria] will be cruising the city, putting it in park & rolling up its doors to present their 'Gallery On Wheels' aka a large delivery van that brings art to the streets. Literally.
Hotbox will be parked at Superior & Franklin, Sept 9th [6-10p]. Featuring new works by James DeNoyer. Live drumming and ice cream by Sweet Ape will be on hand!

Be sure to check out Hotbox [9.23] for their Zine Project .

HOTBOX [A Mobile Galleria]

Jonathan Levine Gallery presents WK Interact

Sept 11th-Oct 11th
Kent Avenue [btn North 4th & North 5th]
Williamsburg, New York

Jonathan Levine

"To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, street artist WK collaborates with New York City firefighters to create a large-scale public mural, measuring 328 feet (100 meters) wide. Full of passion and motion, his images of the iconic firefighter (NY’s bravest) symbolize the many heroes that helped New Yorkers survive the tragic events of 2001, and how their courage inspired the world.

WK was born in Caen, France. He has lived and worked in NYC for the past 20 years. He feels grateful and proud to be a French New Yorker. With this mural he wishes to pay
tribute to all the heroes of 9/11 and give something back to the city of New York..."

El-P 'Drones Over Bklyn [uncensored]'

Cut & Paste: 21st Century Collage

"In the digital age, the original meaning of cut and paste has been replaced with a few clicks of a mouse, This has led to a lot of derivative and unimaginative computer produced work. In response to this, artists have returned to using more traditional methods of making images. There has been a resurgence of drawing and illustration and collage has recently been rediscovered. Collage is the natural progression of illustration, as it combines drawing with the other mediums..."

Cut & Paste: 21st century Collage

Vintage Spanish Advertisements


Portishead Play Chicago [Oct 12]

Holy smokes...Portishead are touring! Portishead have limited dates and are performing at the Aragon Ballroom [which has the shittiest sound system in the world] Oct 12th.

More Info

Smashing Pumpkins Play Chicago

They're back! Smashing Pumpkins play the Riviera Theatre [Oct 14th]...additional US gigs, as well.

Additional Info

07 September 2011

Woodtype, Evolved: Experimantal letterpress & Relief Printing In The 21st Century

Woodtype, Evolved: Experimantal letterpress & Relief Printing In The 21st Century

Curated by April Sheridan and Nick Sherman
Sept 8th-Dec 10th
Opening Reception: Thurs Sept 8th [5-8p]

"Wood Type, Evolved defines a global, burgeoning mode of activity in which contemporary artists are producing artwork through the development of new experimental printing techniques based on traditional letterpress materials—particularly wood type..."

Woodtype, Evolved

Outside In: The Story Of Art In The Streets

'Outside In: The Story Of Art In The Streets' documents a pretty monumental turning point in Graffiti & Street Art history. With limited screenings nationwide, fingers crossed...I hope this docu-flick goes to DVD soon!

Outside IN: The Story Of Art In The Streets

OUTSIDE IN Movie Trailer: The Story of Art in the Streets from Levi's Film Workshop on Vimeo.

05 September 2011

The Warriors way

East vs West. Cowboys vs Samurai. Hell yes!

TYO x Cope2

TYO TOYS has teamed up with NYC graffiti heavyweight COPE2 with their limited edition delivery truck. The run is limited to 75 signed & numbered trucks.


03 September 2011

Cody Hudson 'They Both Ride Horses'

Cody Hudson 'They Both ride horses'

Andrew Rafacz Gallery presents Cody Hudson 'They Both ride Horses'

Opening night Sept 9th
Runs thru Oct 15th
835 W Washington

HORSES_POST by StrugRock
HORSES_POST, a photo by StrugRock on Flickr.

Neil Young and The Shocking Pinks

Neil Young and the Shocking Pinks.

01 September 2011


PEAK 21 are a design team from Wroclaw, Poland. Their minimalistic graphics & high contrast color-blocking bring back memories of New order & Joy Division album covers of yester-year. See Factory Records, circa 1980's.


Aesthetic Apparatus x Absolut Vodka

Aethetic Apparatus commissioned to design an Absolut bottle...God Bless collabs!

Absolut Collab

Poster Boy: Street Alchemy

NYCs King of Cut 'N Paste, Poster Boy, has a solo show 'Street Alchemy'. Hosted by Trinity College [Hartford, CT]

Sept 15th-Oct 23rd
Opening festivities: Thurs, Sept 15th [430-7p]

More: Street Alchemy

Solo Show by Poster Boy NYC
Solo Show, a photo by Poster Boy NYC on Flickr.