30 August 2010


Cinelli has teamed up once again with Barry 'Twist' McGee. This round, they are slated to drop a Cinelli Unicanitor x McGee collab. The saddle is set to hit the streets in 2011.

"Unicanitor was the first plastic-bodied saddle in the story of cycling. 2009 marked the return of the legend. The dimensions and the form are the same as the original, but small upgrades have been made to the design; the rails have been updated and the plastic shell has been improved with modern techno polymer know-how to improve both comfort and durability..."


This flick is currently touring the indie film festival circuit, cross your fingers and maybe it'll land in yours. The DVD will be released shortly after the tour.

"THE VISUAL LANGUAGE OF HERBERT MATTER is a revealing look at the fascinating life story of the highly influential mid-century modern design master. Known as a quintessential designer's designer, Swiss born Herbert Matter is largely credited with expanding the use of photography as a design tool and bringing the semantics of fine art into the realm of applied arts.
Inspired by Russian constructivists and taught by artists such as Fernand L├ęger, Le Corbusier, and A.M.Cassandre in Paris in the late 20s, Matter designed a series of cutting-edge Swiss travel posters that won international acclaim for the pioneering use of photo-montage combined with type. Always striking a balance between fine art projects and commercial work, the taciturn designer found his own unique language, which resulted in the creation of such iconic works as the corporate identity for Knoll Associates and the New Haven Railroad. With his photography he was adept in documenting the early furniture of Charles and Ray Eames and creating covers for Vogue and Arts & Architecture as well as documenting his contemporaries Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning or Alberto Giacometti. As a filmmaker, he directed a critically acclaimed film "Works of Calder" about his good friend Alexander Calder, with music composed by John Cage. Later in life he was a professor for photography and graphic design among Paul Rand and Josef Albers at Yale University..."

Matter Teaser from Herbert Matter on Vimeo.


Vancouver based mutimedia jounalist Sarah Berman recently created a short documentary about NYCs illegal billboards and Public Ad Campaign's New York Street Advertising Takeovers.


French street artist INVADER (portrayed by Bender) gets full-blown spoofing in Comedy Central's Futurama.

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28 August 2010


Job Wouters is an illustrator & graphic designer whose forte is hand drawn/ hand painted typography.

"ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" is a collab-studio jam between Job and his 4 year old nephew (Roel).



27 August 2010


Frank Miller (Sin City, Batman: Dark Knight, 300) has produced a commercial to launch Gucci's newest fragrance 'Gucci Guilty'. Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans star in the film noir piece. Friendly Fires deliver the soundtrack, covering Depeche Mode's 'Strangelove'. Wet your whistle on the official trailer...until September 12th, when MTV launches the official Director's Cut during the VMAs.

*behind the scenes with Frank Miller

26 August 2010


USA Today Reports:
"...As the California Senate prepares to vote on the nation’s first statewide ban on plastic bags, an environmental group has released a mockumentary — narrated by actor Jeremy Irons — on the life of a plastic bag. The Majestic Plastic Bag follows a “clever and illustrious” plastic bag on its migration from grocery story to its final home — the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Along the way, it will tangle with “one of nature’s most deadly killers – the teacup yorkie” as well as “hungry sea life” that feeds on plastic..."

Heal the Bay says 19 billion bags are used in California each year, creating nearly 123,000 tons of waste and costing up to $3.23 billion each year in taxes used for cleanup efforts.

21 August 2010

The people over at Babelgum bring you Jay Shells' public service video titled "Subway Etiquette".

"Jay Shells is the man behind Subway Etiquette, a new project that uses silk screen signs, which look identical to official transit signs, to speak not just to New Yorkers but all commuters, asking for a simple thing: Respect. Jay’s signs request that the reader does not do things like eat messy foods, preach their own religious beliefs or cut their toenails while riding the subway. What seems to be common sense is actually happening at every turn - bothering everyone around them. However our own concern with politeness keeps us from speaking up. We follow Jay from his silk screening studio in The New School, through the stairwells and tunnels of the New York Subway System, posting signs that hopefully remind us all to be a little more courteous..."

20 August 2010


Chicago Urban Art Society is holding their annual Warehouse Junkies Vinyl Swap [Buy.Sell.Trade]
Saturday August 28th [1pm-6pm]

Word is, there'll shit tons of rare vinyl for all you record-heads. DJs? Yes. Cheap Beer? Of course.

Chicago Urban Art Society
2229 S Halstead St near Cermack [half a block South of Skylark]

17 August 2010

Derek Erdman 'Without Wax' 14 years

WITHOUT WAX '14 Years of Derek Erdman in Chicago' was Derek Erdman's farewell Chicago show which took place Saturday, August 14th, featuring thousands of his drawings & paintings. His promo clip (attached) is fucking genius, ala Wes Anderson...created by both Derek & Angeline Gragasin of National Headquarters.

10 August 2010

Burn Ignite presents Ride

Director Garth Davis delivers one hot (literally) film short for Burn Energy drink- a Coke product. 'Ride' features Steve Berra and a crew of Mexican skaters: Jesus Gonzalez, Eder Martinez, Mario Saenz, Angel Santiago. Luis Tolentino from the US also guests for this Burn Ignite film, shot on location in Mexico City.

06 August 2010

Adolf Hitler vs Jeffrey Deitch

Scene: Adolf in a bunker filled his finest ruffians. Adolf has a hard-on to be the next Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) in Los Angeles. He's informed that Jeffrey Dietch has already been offered the job...needless to say, the shit hits the fan.

Hitler Learns MOCA Job Goes to Jeffrey Deitch from 334point5 on Vimeo.

Hear This: Beach House 'Heart of Chambers'

05 August 2010

See It- Rising Son: The Legend of Christian Hosoi

"Dennis Hopper narrates Cesario Montano's documentary on the roller-coaster life of skater legend Christian Hosoi. Earning the awe of his peers in the mid-1980s, Hosoi then hit rock bottom with crystal meth use and imprisonment for drug trafficking. He found redemption in Christianity and now strives to be a positive influence..."

Allan Peters

Minneapolis based art director Allan Peters created this poster for Art Crank Minneapolis...a poster party for bike people. Word is that Allan created this print about the same time he found out he was gonna be a daddy. Daddy Bike + Mommy Bike = Baby Trike.

Check out Allan's site HERE and then visit his blog HERE.

03 August 2010


Hal Jepsen's "Skateboard Madness" documents some seriously old school West Coast skateboarding '...through the barrios of L.A.'. This 1980 cult classic features some even older school pro's shreddin' fave skate spots of yesteryear, like Stacy Peralta, Dan Smith and one of my all-time fave punk bands of that same era, The Surf Punks...which I saw open for Joan Jett & The Black Hearts, Foreigner & Charlie Daniels in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1981.

Skateboard Madness