05 May 2011

Brad Wescott 'Over & Out'

Brad Wescott 'Over & Out' by billy craven
Brad Wescott 'Over & Out', a photo by billy craven on Flickr.
Parking Block Publishing [of Chicago] has a really high quality & much recommended zine which features the work of Brad Wescott, titled 'Over & Out'. Over & Out is 40-pages of full color photos on heavy-stock paper and features skateboarding, benching, monikers, rail graffiti and an awesome interview with STACKABONES.
Over & Out will cost you $5...don't be a bitch and cough up the cash.
Brad's Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/breadphotos/
Parking Block: http://www.parkingblockpublishing.com/publications/

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