28 October 2010

Matt Taylor: Día de los Muertos 2010

"Matt Taylor is an illustrator from Brighton, England. He lives a stones throw from the sea, and can often be found travelling by bicycle, drawing, photographing things, looking at waves and making marks on paper. He is influenced by comic books, faded Americana, found photos, wildlife, wild music, National Geographic magazine, Jack Kirby and artists too numerous to mention..."

Limited Edition "Día de los Muertos 2010" screen print...orders taken from 10.25-11.2...ONE WEEK ONLY! Once the week is up, Matt will begin printing those orders ONLY. If he sells 10, he only prints 10. No extras. No spares. No 2nd chances. No whining. Get your orders in while you still have time.

-2-color print on A4 (210 x 297mm) heavyweight stock
-Signed and numbered by the artist.
-£10 (approx $15us)...price includes shipping anywhere, worldwide

Matt Taylor's WEBSITE
Matt Taylor's SHOP
Matt Taylor's FLICKR

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