25 October 2010

David Bowie and Klaus Nomi

Flash back to the Winter of '79. I was up past my bed-time, watching 'late night programming', waiting for Saturday Night Live to air. David Bowie (featuring Klaus Nomi & Joey Arias) was the musical guest on this episode of SNL. I nearly shat my Underroos & fell off of the sofa when they hit the stage. You see, it was the end of another crappy decade in the US, television was all about Leaving It To Beaver (and other wholesome viewing). The radio stations? They all played the same mix of pop swill. Bad, really bad, fashion was all the rage (some things never change). But, there was always David Bowie, in all his glorious androgyny, who I could rely on to take me away from the doldrums of a.m. radio love songs & faux wood paneling.

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