01 June 2010


Designer Heo Jeong Im has just introduced the Coffee Stick. Now, the deal with his creation is hot, fresh brewed coffee on-the-go. How's it work? Just grab your cup of hot water, drop your stick in, a few turns of the wrist and wham-o, coffee. Choose from Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Caramel Machiato, Mocha Latte & Americano flavours.

I think that this is a good looking 'design concept', but not all concepts need be produced and the downside certainly is a downer.

Let's look at some of the negatives, shall we:
-a horrible waste of resources...what's the landfill life of the stick?
-why not create something somewhat re-usable, say, a spoon for my yogurt instead of the bulbous stirrer?
-at a glance, it looks more like a pregnancy test...should I pee on the stirrer before or after I mix my coffee?
-the only things I enjoy on a stick are lollipops & corn dogs.
-if you really need your 'coffee on the go" wouldn't you rather toss a hand-full of Starbucks' Via's in your pocket or bag? After all, size matters and Heo's stir-stick is flippin' huge!

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