05 June 2010


Long before mall-chains like 'hot topic' homogenized the Goth, Industrial & Ambient/ Noise music movements, there were those of us that liked to lock ourselves in dark rooms, smear on some eyeliner and crank up some really fucked up tunes...Skinny Puppy, one of them.

I bought this 12" single in 1987 from Jelly's in Honolulu , Hawaii. They specialized in new & used vinyl and had the sickest import collection. The sickest. It was the late 80s. Cds were just creeping into the music industry, the internet was still almost unavailable to most of us & we relied on rags like NME to tell us what was happening in the music world around the globe...and what the fuck was a YouTube?! I was crazy about Skinny Puppy, Chanting Mongolian Monks & a printmaker by the name Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) and along comes A Chud Convention. I wept.

A Chud Convention (Circle Records) was an experimental ambient/ noise collaboration between members of Skinny Puppy (cEvin Key & Nivek Ogre) & a;GRUMH (SΔ3 Evets & JΔ3 Seuqcaj)...sadly, they only released one record, titled 'Sorrow'.

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