26 November 2011

FAUST for TDRR [Chicago]

FAUST for TDRR [Chicago] by billy craven
FAUST for TDRR [Chicago], a photo by billy craven on Flickr.

"Raised on the mean streets of New York where crime was a way of life, Faust found solace and success in writing his name on other people's shit. From vagabond to vanguard, his career was forged from the writing on the walls."

Maxwell Colette Gallery presents 'Text, Drugs and Rock & Roll'

Here's a sneak peak from FAUST, who is showing in the epic group show featuring 40+ artists from all over the freakin' globe.

Curated by Billy Craven

Show Date: Dec 2nd, 2011 [thru Jan 7th, 2012]
Maxwell Colette Gallery
908 N Ashland Ave [near Division]
Chicago, ILL


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