17 August 2011

Steve Reich '9/11 WTC' Album Cover Gets Yanked

Can you say controversy? Well, Steve Reich sure can. The minimal electronic composers forthcoming album [WTC 9/11] has received much criticism since Nonesuch Records announced its release and shared the album artwork. The [now pulled] cover featured the World Trade Center's ablaze, with a 2nd plane moments from impact. The memorial album [10 year anniversary] was originally slated to drop Sept 6th.

Nonesuch Records/ Steve Reich

1 comment:

  1. I thought it had been long enough. Apparently I was wrong. If Reich and Kronos have an album addressing the destructing of the WTC, I welcome it no matter what the album cover looks like.

    In fact, it was the controversy that brought this album to my attention so thatnks for that. II'll buy it.