19 June 2011

Abner Jay-a Folk Legend

Abner Jay-a Folk Legend by billy craven
Abner Jay-a Folk Legend, a photo by billy craven on Flickr.

Image & text 'borrowed' from: Jon Sievert [the Music Photographer]

"...Abner Jay, April 8, 1982, San Jose Flea Market. 58-15-33. Abner Jay (1921 - 1993) was an American multi-instrumentalist, who is best known for performing eccentric, blues infused folk music, as a one man band. His idiosyncratic lyrics and style can also be considered within the realm of outsider music..."

Get more from Jon's site: Jon Sievert

See/Hear more Abner on YouTube: I'm So Depressed

Shout out to my homie: Freight Bandit for the mix-tape!

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