11 February 2011

ARKCANARY II: Analog Acoustic iPhone 4 Speaker

Sang Lee, founder of ARKWHAT, is reaching out via the Kickstarter Program to fund his newest creation, the ARKCANARY II. The ARKCANARY II is an analog acoustic speaker designed for the iPhone 4. This megaphone-style speaker amplifies the existing iPhone 4 speaker by allowing users to simply slide their device into the cradle. The speaker also acts as a kickstand, allowing your iPhone to sit up and be seen. No moving parts. No batteries or outside power source required. The old school megaphone does all the work. The kicker is, Sang Lee proposes to retail these gems at $13 each. Yes, that's thirteen US dollars! You can't even buy a Venti from Starbucks for 13-clams.

P.S. They will be available in six colors, as well.

Do yourself a huge favor, stroll over to ARKWHATs Kickstarter and donate...because I really, really need to get one in every color!

ARKCANARY II Kickstarter

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