20 July 2010


NYC. Back in '03-'04. The Soho sidewalks, yes, sidewalks, were covered with "sniper-scope" stylized, stencil tags. I, like everybody else that paid attention to the stencils, just assumed that these were typical cut cardboard stencils that were hit with a can of D.O.T. (Dept of Transportation) yellow spray paint. Wrong. The stencils were anything but typical and they were the creations of one hell of a mad scientist...Bob Partington.

Among other things, Bob builds machines that create art. His sidewalk tagging machine was one such devise, cleverly hidden in the guts of a briefcase. How? When set down on any surface, a trigger at the base of the briefcase activates a solenoid device, which in turn releases Bob's tag. Totally stealth. Totally sweet.

Want to see more of the craziness that comes out of Bob's workshop? Well then, check out his site HERE

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