29 May 2010

TOTTI WOLF Mash-Up by Sten & Lex

Holy Moses, this has to be the largest mash-up ever! Sten & Lex's wheatpaste measures roughly 26x12 meters and since I attended public schools, here in the USofA, I can't translate that very well into the American equivalent (unless I'm counting on my fingers & toes), but I will guess-ti-mate that to be approximately 'huge-as-shit!'

Totti Wolf is hand-painted and integrates imagery likening to B-movie wolf-man, the late/great Lon Chaney & footballer Francesco Totti (who's kind of a National treasure for AS Roma)...and note the beautiful soundscapes of DEVOs 'Gut Feeling/ Slap Your Mammy".

*okay all you math nerds out there chillax, we're ball-parking this piece to be about 85x39 feet...that's still 'huge as shit!'

Check out sten's flickr spot HERE

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