27 October 2009


ABOVE just released his 2nd print from his 'CITY SERIES' edition. Did you miss out on the ABOVE PARIS piece that sold out in 2 days? I did!

ABOVE NEW YORK CITY is an edition of 25 pieces. Hand colored & finished by ABOVE. Each print is signed, custom embossed, dated, and numbered by ABOVE. +Each print comes with an individually numbered and embossed C.O.A.

Those of you that know The Wooster Collective will recognize this as the facade and once home of Marc & Sara aka The Wooster Collective NYC a few years back. The entire building, inside & out, was the single sickest art install of all time, with works by such Graffiti legends as The London Police, Flower Guy, Bast, Faile, Aiko, Skewville, Skullphone and ABOVE to name a few.

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Click here >> http://goabove.com/main/?p=473

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